At the MKG Center Homburg, we provide therapy hand in hand with our referring colleagues. Our goal as surgeons is to maintain healthy structures and stop pathological processes in the long term. We offer you the most modern treatment methods, many years of experience and competent advice.

We are an outpatient surgery center and perform our services under local anesthesia as well as nitrous oxide sedation or general anesthesia.


Dentoalveolar surgery

Dental surgery is a branch of oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery. This term covers all surgical procedures in the oral cavity.

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Skin surgery

The early diagnosis of a skin change is crucial for quick and effective therapy.

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Plastic surgery

We offer you various options for aesthetic and plastic facial surgery. Every treatment is always preceded by a detailed consultation in which you can express your personal ideas and wishes.

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X-ray diagnostics

With the help of digital three-dimensional examination technology (DVT), we are able to accurately display the anatomical structures of the jaws and  plan operations with less risk by protecting neighboring structures that are at risk.

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